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Legal Notice - Terms of use

1. Legal Information:

1.1. FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA INTERVENCIÓN PSICOSOCIAL (from here on FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA), with its headquarters at Avenida Ciudad de Almería, number 10 , Postcode 30002, Murcia (Spain) and CIF G-73038457, registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Protectorate of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Policy, numbered 30/0082, is the legitimate owner and holder of this website, and its reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, communication to the public, or any other use of all or part of the content of these Websites, carried out in any way or through any means, is prohibited unless prior permission has been given in writing.

1.2. With these legal conditions, both the use made out of the Websites by its users and the information contained within are regulated. Access to the Website assumes the acceptance of these conditions, which can be modified unilaterally by FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA at any moment and without prior notice.

1.3. FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA reserves the right to modify the Website without prior notice, either in full or in part, such as the design, presentation, or the configuration of these Websites, as well as add, modify, or remove the service offered to the users.

1.4. FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA understands the term “USER” to be the physical person who accesses FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA’S Websites and/or reads and accepts these Terms of Use, proceeding next with the completion and registration of a webform, submitting their personal data, a process which may even offer the possibility of attaching files in any of the formats indicated, all of this being necessary to be able to opt into the services, announcements, job offers, or any other resource that may be published by FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA on its Websites.

1.5. FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA does not allow the uploading of website content that may affect the adequate functioning of its Websites, therefore, it is within its rights to remove, without warning, any content or statement added by a USER which contravenes the current laws -without prejudice towards utilising appropriate legal action- or is inappropriate for the service’s aims.

1.6. The content of the Website, especially the images, logos, and emblems of FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA’s, are the property of FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA and are protected by the legislation of industrial and intellectual property, not containing illicit content or content which infringes upon the current legislation. Uses contrary to the current conditions, improper or illegal, of such content that the user could make without the express written consent of FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA are prohibited.

2. Purpose:

2.1. The current Terms of Use regulate the USERS’ access to and use of the service that FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA makes available to them through its Websites.

2.2. Use of the Websites implies that the USER has fully accepted the regulations included in these Terms of Use, in the version published by FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA at the moment in which the USER signs up.

3. Availability of the service

3.1. The service will be available continuously, until FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA decides to remove it, or change or delete their Website. The USER recognises that technically it is impossible to achieve the total availability of the service; however, FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA will make every effort to keep it available in the most consistent way possible.

3.2. For maintenance purposes (for which a related notice will be put up on the Website), technical anomalies caused by the Websites or the online network, or for reasons that cannot be attributed to FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA, it will be possible to temporarily disable the service, which will be re-established in as short a time as possible, without the USER being able to claim anything for these interruptions to the service.

4. USER’s obligations

4.1. To make diligent use of the Website and of the services available on it, following the Law to the letter, along with the good practices and these Terms of Use, as well as treating the other users with the appropriate respect.

4.2. To make good use of your identification code (ID or “login”), which will be determined by your email address, and a password to access the service offered on the Websites, committing to protecting this data and using them with due diligence. The use of the password is personal and is not transferable; it is not permitted to hand this data over to third parties, even temporarily. Regarding any incident relating to passwords, the USER must make FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA aware. FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA is not responsible for the USER’s inappropriate use of their password, nor for the lack of communication of the incidents that have affected them.

4.3. To provide truthful and current information, guaranteeing the authenticity of all the data which is communicated as a result of the uploading of personal data when it comes to completing the sign-up process or modifying the same data after the fact.

4.4. To respect the applicable laws and rights of third parties upon using the content and services of the Website, including the prohibition of the reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation or modification (by any means and in any form) of the elements and content found on the Website.

4.5. Not to use content that may infringe upon the current legal regulations, both against FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA and against third parties, such as pornographic content, that which breaks laws on child protection, spamming advertisements, including those targeted towards acquiring new clients (e.g., spam emails, chain letters, pyramid schemes, etc.), those which infringe upon the fundamental rights of other users, which are legally protected (e.g., intellectual property, patents and brands, etc.) and, in brief, any other content prohibited by law. FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA will be able to delete illegal content or that which is presumed to be illegal from its Websites without prior notice.

4.6. Not to use programmes or any mechanism or technology aimed at damaging the correct functioning of the Websites, both to extract or spread other USERS’ data, as well as to upload a virus or any other malware that could damage the content or IT systems of FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA (e.g., piracy, hacking, or cracking).

5. USER’s Responsibility

5.1. The USER will respond to FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA or third parties who could be affected by the damages that could be caused as a consequence of a failure on behalf of the USER to fulfil their obligations which are contained within the current Terms of Use or the applicable regulations.

5.2. The USER is the only person responsible for the inaccuracy or falseness of their data provided and for the damages that could be caused by this to FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA or third parties.

5.3. Any incident related to the uploading of data or the use of the service which the USER carries out that could affect their interests, must be communicated to FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA through the email address indicated on the Websites. FUNDACIÓN DIAGRAMA is not responsible for possible damages that the USER may cite regarding such incidents and which had not been communicated correctly by the user.

6. Applicable Jurisdiction

6.1. The possible discrepancies that could arise from the interpretation of the current Terms of Use will be resolved, with express renunciation of the user to their own jurisdiction if they have it, before the jury and courts of the city of Murcia.

Atribuciones - Attributions

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