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The #PreventGBV project publishes training materials to prevent gender-based cyber violence among young people

Cover of Materials

The #PreventGBV project has recently published materials to help young people in conflict with the law learn how to identify different kinds of gender-based cyber violence, so they can contribute to preventing and advocating against it. The materials are designed to be used by professionals who can carry out workshops with young people on these issues. They are available in English, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Romanian and Portuguese on the the dedicated section of this website.

 The materials have been created by the partners based on a participatory methodology and in close collaboration with 5 national working groups. These working groups involve professionals linked with youth work, social work, juvenile justice, community involvement, and young people. They have been providing feedback to advance knowledge about the topic and the needs of the target group, in order to improve the quality and usability of the materials.

The materials are structured in five modules:

Module 1. Introduction to Gender-based Cyberviolence.

Module 2. Sexual Cyberviolence.

Module 3.Hate Speech Online against Women.

Module 4. Cyber Control and Limits Online.

Module 5. Intersectionality, Multiple Discrimination and Other Areas Affected.

These ‘Training and awareness-raising materials to prevent gender-based cyber violence for young people’ have been tested in workshops that the partners conducted with young people in conflict with the law and at risk of social exclusion in Spain, Portugal, Finland, Romania and Italy. Most young people participating expressed that they improved their knowledge on various aspects of gender-based cyberviolence.

The materials include many activities to engage participants and facilitate the practical acquisition of new concepts and perspectives. We encourage professionals working with young people to use them to run their own workshops.