The next steps in the #PreventGBV project - Looking back on the 2nd transnational meeting

The next steps in the #PreventGBV project - Looking back on the 2nd transnational meeting

Valo-Valmennusyhdistys hosted the 2nd transnational meeting of the #PreventGBV project partners, held in Helsinki between 13.-14.09.2022. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss in more detail the outcomes that were already achieved in the project and also to plan the next steps.

In the current stage of this project, every participating country is creating a local working group that gathers various professionals in the fields of juvenile justice, youth work, social science, pedagogy, etc. to identify good practices on gender-based violence prevention and provide their expertise to the creation of project materials. In addition, an important role in the working groups is played by young people themselves. In the countries where young people are not yet part of the local working groups, project partners aim to include them, as their voices should be heard throughout the project's execution.

Over the past few months, project partners have been working on a desktop research to better understand differences among involved countries when it comes to the definitions of central topics of the #PreventGBV project, such as juvenile justice, cyber violence, gender-based perspectives, or participatory learning. National definitions were accompanied by the European viewpoint.

One of the goals of the #PreventGBV project is to develop open-access materials to enhance the professionals’ working skills and performance. These materials will remain online after the completion of the project, available to be used by professionals in the juvenile justice system in their work with young people. In the following 4 months of the project development, the biggest task will be the preparation of the training materials on gender-based cyber violence. The materials will consist of targeted content and pedagogical instruments that support trainers in preparation for the workshops with young people in conflict with the law. The Romanian partner, Centrum for Lifelong Learning, has been leading the development of this task.

Before the start of workshops, the proper choice of evaluation tools needs to be made. At the meeting, different available options were discussed, with a focus on quantitative and qualitative indicators. The most appropriate tools will be chosen by project partners from the University of Barcelona.

The first series of workshops will be implemented as a pilot in Finland during spring 2023. During the pilot, partners from Valo-Valmennusyhdistys will test the methodology, content and evaluation tools. Based on Finnish experience, other partners will adjust training for their local needs.

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The next steps in the #PreventGBV project - Looking back on the 2nd transnational meeting The next steps in the #PreventGBV project - Looking back on the 2nd transnational meeting